Bishop Robert D. Reed is the founding Pastor of Pleasant Word Christian Center International, a non-denominational, and culturally diverse ministry for all people. His ministry is cutting edge with a revelation of the Word, the prophetic, healing, miracles, signs, and wonders.

Above all, he has a love for God, family, a passion for reaching lost souls, the backslider, those damaged by church hurt, and the wounded. Thousands around the world have been ministered to as they have experienced his ministry through television, radio, Revivals, Seminars, and itinerate teaching and preaching. Bishop Reed is a twentieth century Apostle called to this generation to declare God’s written and spoken Word, as you listen to him, you will be enlightened, informed, and instructed in the things of God.  Bishop Reed pastored 3 churches including the Headquarter church in Liberty, South Carolina.

Bishop Reed has been reaching out to minister to Men with a special empowering session each 1st Sunday, called Man Up since 2009. He also has a strong passion for young people and serves as a counselor and mentor of juveniles and probationers for the Sheriff’s office at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Georgia

 Bishop Robert D. Reed, is the second of four children born to John and Florine Reed. He hails from Brooklyn New York, and was raised in Queens.   He was Saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1977. The Lord spoke to Bishop and said, “before I formed thee in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” He accepted the call and preached his first message in 1979. Licensed as a minister in 1980, ordained as Elder in C.O.G.I.C. in 1983, under the late Bishop O. T. Jones Jr. He was consecrated Bishop in 2002, through the International Pentecostal Assemblies Ecumenical (“IPAE”) by the honorable Apostle William McCoy, Prelate, upon which he served as a board member.

Bishop Reed served in the United States Navy and was honorably discharged. He is a graduate of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center Police Academy; and a certified Peace Officer/ Probation Officer. He matriculates through a number of college degrees an Associate of Biblical Studies, Bachelor’s Degree of both Practical and Pastoral Theology, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with Honors-Alpha Phi Sigma from the prestigious Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia, and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the International College of Bible Theology.

He retired as a Probation Officer in 2015, and currently works as a Deputy Sherriff. He is married to Oceanette L. Reed and they have two daughters - Cristen, Anaiah, and son Caleb (deceased).

In October, 2016 Bishop was elevated to Diocesan Bishop and serves on the Board of Gospel of the Kingdom World Conquest Fellowship, and is currently the 3rd Assistant Presiding Bishop to Chief Apostle and Presiding Primate, Bishop Walter Leigh Bates.

Oceanette Reed is co-pastor of Pleasant Word Christian Center International. She is a Conference Speaker, Spiritual Counselor; Motivational Speaker for the Honorable Judge Janice Gordon’s APW Class (DeKalb County), Instructor of Spiritual Warfare Strategies at the Jabez Episcopal Institute and has appeared on TV 57 Atlanta Live. Her passion is mentoring and encouraging young women. She is the founder of Wailing Women International and Healing what is Hidden.

Oceanette Reed is a graduate of Georgia State University with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology; she is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. She is married to the Honorable Bishop Robert Reed and mother of three, Caleb (deceased), Cristen and Anaiah. 

As a servant, she has purposed in her heart to always serve God, stay faithful, be led of God’s spirit and honor the Lord with all of her substance.

Service times:


Training for Reigning     Sunday          9:15 a.m.
Worship Services           Sunday          10:15 a.m.
Mid Week Study             Tuesday         7:30 p.m.



Our key purpose is to reach the unsaved, unchurched, untaught and uncommitted with the gospel, thereby, transforming them into disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pleasant Word Christian Center International (PWCC) is a teaching and training ministry. We are focused on equipping the people of God to increase their faith by applying the Word which will assist them in building successful families, prosperous careers and effective ministries to the glory of God.

It is our goal to make an impact locally, nationally and internationally for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. PWCC exists to edify, encourage and evangelize our cities and the world.


In the beginning…..after paying $1,600 a month to rent a storefront, Bishop Reed and the congregation agreed that it would be better to save the money they were spending on rent and utilities each month to purchase their own building. 

After praying and under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Bishop had a plan that would lead to the purchase of our own building. He first asked everyone in October of 2008 to make a “tax offering” pledge from tax refunds that they would receive in 2009 and then moved the church services from the storefront to his home for a year. 

From there, they would continue to save money for a down payment on a building.

Nearly 100% of the member’s committed to the “tax pledge” and all agreed to move the church services to the home of the First Family.  The rest is history!  On December 17, 2009, Pleasant Word Christian Center International Ministries closed on a building, located at
634 Whitehall Street.  

As God continued to enlarge our territory, we moved to our current location at 119 Mayson Avenue.


“Touch One, Reach Millions!”


Our vision is to empower you to change your world.